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                                                  ABOUT SPMUDA INTERNATIONAL:-

SPMUDA International is a registered non-profit, non stock and non partisan NGO for peace, unity and development. It has branches all over (193) countries represented by its volunteer Goodwill Ambassadors to link and collaborate understanding, friendship and cooperation on matters of mutual interest for the welfare and benefit of the poor and the needy.

The SPMUDA is a CSO-NGO that supports the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact with respect to human rights, labour, environment, anti-corruption, Islamic reform awareness to erase bad impression against Muslim and rebuild harmony between all religion. SPMUDA participate in country/local networks; involvement in specialized initiative, workstreams and engagement in partnership projects. The SPMUDA is also registered and affiliated to the United Nations NGO Branch (Dept. Of Economic & Social Affairs), European Commission, ASEAN Youth, Friends of the Commonwealth and (28) prestigious international humanitarian organizations. 

The SPMUDA was founded by HRH Dr. Datu Camad M. Ali as the most central figure recognized by the international leaders and community for his outstanding humanitarian efforts which promotes world better inter religious harmony and understanding that helps to build bridges between the Islamic cultures and Western Countries. Dr. Ali is also recognized by the International Association of Nobilis in Europe and other royal, noble, charity and humanitarian institutions.                                     READ MORE........

                               Message From SPMUDA Nepal Country Head:-

The core value of Human Right that belongs as my desirable vision or thing. It is says that “Without Human Right, No Justice nor Peace". So Human Right is the base for Peace, Justice and Unity and it also helps to nation for proportional development. Every people should know and demand about Universal Declaration of Human Right (UDHR) and give pressure to implement UDHR actively as their respected country. In the field of Human Rights I am entirely impressed with the Dr. Albert Schweitzer. According to him "Even if it is a little thing, do something good for others, something for which you get no pay but the privilege of doing it." Anyone doesn’t need to have time and wealth to do volunteer but need to have attitude and kind heart. Putting it in the core of my sense, Human Right is the universal right that comes as a fundamental right of every citizen of the every country in the world. So, let everyone, everywhere know and enjoy Human Rights.                                              - Hari Chandra Pandit


SPMUDA Nepal has established under the supported of SPMUDA International Philippines. It is leading by H.E. Hari Chandra
Pandit as a Country Head. He is a student/teacher of Anthropology, Human Right Activist, Development worker, Researcher and Social Adviser.He has a lots of experiences on these sectors. By which he could get a lot of chances to know the status of the people, their human rights and many efforts to achieve development issues and human rights on his mother land Nepal. He has served many years as a human right activist and volunteer in the different parts of nation informally. Likewise He has involving in many organizations in these days. Among these:-

· SPMUDA Goodwill
Ambassador of Peace, Unity
and Humanity
. Ambassador at
Large, Sr. Deputy Director of International Relation & Cooperation at Asia Pacific, SPMUDA International www.spmudaasiapacific.webs.com . SPMUDA Nepal
Country Head
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